School Meals

KES works in partnership with a local company to provide students with great school meals that are enjoyable as well as healthy.

We are committed to using locally sourced (organic where possible), and environmentally sound, raw ingredients for meals that are cooked entirely on school premises. 

The school has a purpose built dining room - which is separate from the serving area - where students can enjoy school meals, or their own packed lunches. The Sixth Form has its own small canteen and eating area in the Sixth Form block. A second point of sale, situated on the yard, sells cold food such as sandwiches, rolls and drinks.

Water is freely available from water chillers throughout the school and in the dining room. These can also be used to refill student’s own bottles throughout the day.

On average, a healthy, two-course meal will cost around £2.30.

Meals can be paid for daily, weekly, monthly, or even termly.

If parents wish to pay for meals in advance, online payment is preferred through the School Gateway but the school will also accept cash.

The school's Whole Food Policy is available to view in the Policies and Procedures section of this website.