Staying Safe


KES has a comprehensive Safeguarding Team that consists of a Safeguarding Lead, Mr Feeley (Deputy Head, Pastoral), and four deputies, Mr Osborn (Headteacher), Mrs Griffiths (Assistant Head), Mr Frost (Inclusion Manager) and Mrs Cooke (Head of Year 13). They have very clear parameters within which they are allowed to operate and must take any concern seriously – whether it has been raised by the child itself, a member of staff or from an external source.

When a concern is raised about the safety of a child, the school is legally required to follow the concern through; this may well mean reporting the concern to the Initial Response Team at Essex Child Protection. This can be very distressing for both parent and child, but it will be done with the view to supporting any issues and looking for a positive outcome for both. The school takes its safeguarding role very seriously and will not hold back in its legal responsibility to safeguard all the children in its care.

The school’s Child Protection Policy is available to view in the Policies and Procedures section of this website.

Bullying Policy

The school will not tolerate bullying in any form and has a clear Bullying Policy which is available to view in the Policies and Procedures section of this website. 

The school believes that ‘everybody has a right to feel comfortable.’ Any person who deliberately makes another person feel uncomfortable - be it through word or action - is considered to be bullying; this is not acceptable and it will be dealt with.

The school will foster an environment where all students can feel comfortable and seek support if they consider they are being bullied. Students are not encouraged to deal with problems themselves, but to seek the support of either the Bully Council or a member of staff. Bully Councillors and or pastoral staff will then work to resolve the problem and ensure that there are no repercussions.

Protecting children online

The school has a robust internet filtering system and all parents and students are required to sign the school internet agreement. Student use of the internet is closely monitored.

Students are also taught about the safe and effective use of the internet, both through lesson content and assemblies and special talks. This is an ever changing picture and it important that our youngsters are equipped with the skills to protect themselves online.

Where we become aware that students are using social networking sites inappropriately at home, we will contact parents and work with them to support the students in protecting themselves online in the future.

Students and parents are encouraged to report any online abuse; this can be done via the CEOPS website. The school works closely with POLIT (police Online Investigation Team) to keep abreast of trending issues and will alert parents to problems.

If parents have any concerns whatsoever about their child’s use of the internet and or social media sites, they are encouraged to contact the school for support; it is imperative that as adults we look to protect our youngsters in an online world that changes on a daily basis.