Flight Paths

‘Flight Paths’ are a way of gauging student progress from the start of Year 7 to the end of Year 11, so that all students, parents and teachers are aware of the standards they need to achieve in order to make expected progress (or better still, more than expected progress). The Government expects all students to make 3 levels of progress from KS2 (end of Year 6) to KS4 (end of Year 11) – this is also called ‘expected progress’.  Some students are also targeted to make 4 or more levels of progress (referred to as ‘more than expected progress’). The chart below shows the difference between expected progress (light green arrows) and more than expected progress (dark green arrows).

Flightpath example v2
















In other words, a student who achieved a KS2 mid-level 4 will be targeted to get a grade C or better at GCSE. However, a student who achieved a high-level 4 will be targeted to aim for one grade higher at GCSE (i.e. a grade B) – since, these students have the least distance to travel to make more than expected progress. Therefore, any student who achieved a KS2 sub-level 3a, 4a, 5b, 5a and a KS2 level 6 will be targeted to make more than expected progress.

In order to have short term goals to aim for, students’ KS4 targets will be broken down into end of year targets. These will be based on each individual Faculty Flight Path – we recognise that because of the nature of different subjects, students can make progress at slightly different rates in different subject areas; hence, we have different Flight Paths for each faculty. Copies of individual student Flight Paths are in the student's handbook - this is where students track their own progress against their Flight Path. Our aim is for them to be above their Flight Path and not below it.

The new targets encourage students to become aspirational – 'not to glide, but to soar'. We are realistic in school and do not expect students to make progress in a straight line. However, if a student falls significantly below their Flight Path then this will trigger an intervention. We want every student to achieve their potential. In the same way, if a student is working at or above their target grade for a term, we will celebrate this achievement and encourage the student to 'soar' by setting a new aspirational target grade.

For more information on Flight Paths, please contact your student's Head of Year.