Reward for Achievement Badges

As part of the KES Student Reward Scheme, students are able to collect Reward for Achievement badges that are given to them when they have attained a certain number of achievements. 

When a student has met five achievements from each of the following R2, R3 and R4 reward categories they receive either a bronze, silver or gold badge. To recieve a platinum badge, they only need to have met two of the R5 achievements.

R2 FIVE House Points

Taking part in an event at sports day, or a KES sports event; participating in a House event or entering a House competition; running for House captain, or becoming a member of student voice; applying to be a member of the student leadership team; clean uniform card for a full term; zero detentions/behaviour points in a term; taking part in a subject competition; awarded player of the match in an extra-curricular PE match; attending an after school club; being awarded student of the month. Bronze Reward Badge - 5 of these achievements.

R3 TEN House Points

Volunteering at school events e.g. open evenings or parents evenings; tarring in a school production; citizenship within the school community; winning a House competition or subject competition; winning at event at sports day; House recognition award. Silver Reward Badge - 5 of these achievements.

R4 TWENTY-FIVE House Points

Zero detentions/behaviour points in a school year; clean uniform card in a school year; 100% attendance for a full term; participation in all House events; participation in all KES sports events; becoming a member of Student Voice; becoming a Prefect; becoming a Subject Ambassador; taking part in the Cliffs Awards Evening production. Gold Reward Badge - 5 of these achievements.

R5 FORTY House Points

Being awarded a Jack Petchey Achievement Award; becoming Head Girl or Boy, or Deputy Head Boy or Girl; becoming a House Captain; receiving an award at the Cliffs Awards Evening, including 100% attendance award. Platinum Reward Badge - 2 of these achievements.

The achievements in the lists above are not definitive; students can be awarded House Points for other comparable achievements.

Students will only receive one Reward badge per reward group, regardless of the number of additional achievements they may have.