KES House System

KES is split into three Houses that compete throughout the year to earn House points, win prizes and awards and raise money for charity. Students are also able to earn individual prizes, including and an iPad. The Houses are Romans, Saxons and Vikings.

Students earn House points in lessons for any of the following: homework, effort, independence, progress, literacy, outstanding work, revision, target met, teacher bonus, growth mind set, two point special.

Teachers award points for special achievements under the following headings: KES Sports, Head of Department Special, Head of Year Special, Head of House Special, SLT Special.
Students also earn points outside of the classroom for being part of the KES community. Some examples are: taking part in an after-school club, representing their House in KES Sports, or being part of the school voice. Students are also able to earn points for displaying the KES values and ethos.

Each Faculty has set out a series of House Competitions that will be taking place throughout the academic year, these are advertised within school on the school screens as well as below in the downloads section.

An annual voting campaign is held where students have the opportunity to elect their House Captains for the coming year. Additionally one Year 13 boy and one Year 13 girl is elected to each House to be the Senior House Captain. These Captains have their own room where students can meet them at break times to discuss topics including ideas for charity raising events/activities.

At the end of the school year the sports competition is decided at the school sports day with the overall winning House presented with a trophy.

For more information on our House system, please contact Mrs Nichols on 01702 545771.