Enterprise Passports

We believe that it is important to develop the enterprise potential of every child in the school regardless of age or ability, which is why we actively encourage our students to do this through the Enterprise Passport merit scheme.

Every student is given an Enterprise Passport when they start school at KES. Every time a student is enterprising, their teacher or tutor will sign their passport. 

Once a student has ANY 15 signatures in the bronze section they will achieve a Bronze Enterprise Pin Badge. To move on to the Silver award, a further 10 silver entries will need to be completed. To achieve a Gold award a total of 30 entries, including 5 gold are required. An additional 3 gold will then result in the ultimate award of a special Platinum Enterprise badge.

Each achievement also earns the student House Points: Bronze = 5, Silver = 10, Gold = 15 and Platinum =20.

Students present their passport to Mr Haynes once they have achieved any of the levels. The results are then recorded in their student file and they are awarded the relevant badge.

The student considered to have been the most enterprising at the end of each year will achieve the Entrepreneur of the Year award and be presented with the award at the annual school Awards Evening held at the Cliffs Pavilion in July.

At the end of Key Stage 3, all the evidence collected will go forward to the student’s Record of Achievement and count towards their Employability for Life Award which is received at the end of Year 11.

Ways to be enterprising:

  • Make decisions
  • Show leadership and drive
  • Present yourself well and communicate well
  • Seek out opportunities and try new things
  • Be flexible/adaptable
  • Rise to a challenge
  • Show commitment and dedication
  • Be hard working
  • Be creative
  • Be independent
  • Be confident

It is easy to show enterprise skills in and out of school. For example:

  • By going to a club and sticking to it you are showing commitment.
  • By helping out at open evening you are presenting yourself well.
  • By doing a good piece of work on your own, you show independence and hard work.
  • By attending regularly and never being late, you show you are professional.
  • By taking part in a dance production you are both committed and creative.
  • By representing your tutor group or the school you show leadership.