Pastoral care

At KES we place great emphasis on the quality of pastoral care given to our students and maintain very close links with our partner primary schools. Our pastoral system is designed to give students a real sense of belonging.

Each year group is led by a Head of Year, who ensures that students are on track - meeting their targets and achieving their academic potential. In addition, we have a HOYPAL - a Head of Year Pastoral Achievement Leader. Their role is to ensure that the academic needs of a student are kept in sync with the pastoral side of things. Working alongside the Head of Years and the tutors are our Pastoral Managers, Mrs Ponton for Years 7 to 9, and Mrs Woolley for Years 10 and 11, who are there to support the emotional well-being of individuals within a year group.

Students with special needs are supported by an experienced Learning Support team, while gifted and talented students are encouraged to reach their potential with many initiatives such as Aim Higher. The Inclusion Manager supports youngsters who meet a number of differing challenges that can affect their learning; frequently these issues are external to school. The Personalised Learning Pathway (PLP) caters for the small minority of children whose behaviour is particularly challenging and the PLP Managers work with these children in a withdrawal setting, helping them to assimilate into mainstream effectively.

Each student is part of a tutor group and most groups stay together with the same tutor from Year 7-11. The daily registration period between 7.55am and 8.10am, is designed to develop the student-tutor relationship. Assemblies for each year group are held weekly. Students have a homework planner and we ask you to sign this each week. Parents’ evenings, written reports and our annual Review Day, help provide a more detailed insight into each student’s achievements. The tutor or the Head of Year are easily contactable and will endeavour to support you and your child as they progress through the school. The tutor system continues into the Sixth Form.

We have high expectations of students' behaviour and discipline and as they progress through the school we encourage them to take responsibility for their studies and to share in promoting our values. Our sanctions are firm but fair and our rewards schemes include a House system, a merit system and an Enterprise Passport, which recognise academic success, a strong work ethic and enterprise skills. Every year, many students are rewarded for their efforts in our annual Awards Evening at The Cliffs Pavilion.

We have a clear uniform policy, which we work hard to enforce. It has been designed to be comfortable, practical and affordable. The Sixth Form do not wear a uniform but are asked to adhere to a dress code.

Attendance is vital to success at school. In line with government guidelines, holidays during term time are not allowed and leave of absence for holiday purposes can no longer be applied for. When a child is unwell, parents are asked to contact the school immediately. The Attendance Officer is Mrs Kate England and she can be contacted on 01702 545771, extension 3209.

Our school day enables students to extend their education through a rich and varied extra-curricular programme between 2.30pm and 3.30pm. Clubs are provided to encourage students to participate in sports, dance, drama, music, arts and revision clubs throughout the week.

Potential responsibilities for students

Learning to be responsible is important and KES students are encouraged to take on roles of responsibility from the time that they enter. There are a large number of opportunities to assume these roles including: Senior Prefect, Prefect, Library Monitor, House Captain, KES Sports Captain, School Council Member, Bully Council Member, Reception Duty, Paired Reading Project, Tutor Group Representative, helping at parents' evenings and open events, support with feeder primary schools, Buddy Mentoring and Junior Sports Leadership Award.

Student Council

Student Council meetings provide students’ with the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the running of the school. All students have the opportunity to play a part in the Student Council at KES.

Members of the Student Council meet regularly with members of staff to discuss priorities for their year group. Two members from each year sit on the full School Council. Each tutor group also has its own sports representatives. Year 11 students can become prefects, team leaders and bully councillors.

Student Leadership Team

Our Student Leadership Team is made up of four Year 12/13 students who are the Head and Deputy Head students, and six Year 11 students, who are the Senior House Captains. Each May, students can submit an application for the roles and if successful will then give a presentation to a panel of staff who will then decide who they feel would be the best choice for the roles. 

In addition to these roles, our Year 11 Prefects play an important role in the life of the school and set a positive example to other students. Prefects are selected during the latter part of Year 10 and then are trained to execute their roles responsibly. The prefects are awarded their ties at the Awards Evening in July.