PE Fixtures

The fixture lists for this term can be found in the downloads below, however the dates are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control. Students are asked to check the fixtures board in the corridor outside the swimming pool for the latest information, and parents and carers are asked to contact Mrs Sharon Allsop on extension 3247, or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • All team selections are placed outside the PE office of the team manager and will include all the details required for the fixture, including date, meeting time, approximate finish/return time and kit required.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to transfer this information into their planner and inform parents/carers. 
  • Teams may vary from fixture to fixture as the team manager selects from a range of criteria including talent, fitness, team participation, work ethic, team commitment and attitude.
  • Parents are always welcome to come and watch the fixtures, both home and away.
  • Full KES PE kit must be worn at all times; this includes shin pads where appropriate. Students not wearing shin pads in certain sports will be unable to play. Sharing of this equipment is not hygienic so it is essential students bring their own.
  • If a student cannot play in a fixture they must inform the team manager immediately. If a student is ill on the day of the fixture please ensure a message gets to the PE faculty.
  • As most home games don’t start until 3.30pm/4pm, students are advised not to attend the PE Faculty until 3.15pm as other practices are taking place. We are the only school that finishes at 2.10pm so students do have to wait around for a home game to start.