Physical and Arts Education

The Physical and Arts Education Faculty consists of Physical Education, Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Performing Arts.

All students study Art, Music and Drama at Key Stage 3. Students can then continue these subjects at Key Stage 4, plus have the opportunity to study Dance. All subjects are offered at Key Stage 5, including Performing Arts and Music Technology.

Physical Education is studied in Key Stage 3 and 4 and students are able to continue study in this area in Key Stage 5 if they wish.

There are also a wide range of extracurricular activities provided for students from all areas within the Physical and Arts Education Faculty.

Gifted and Talented Students

Projects and Opportunities on Offer

  • The Junior Leadership Award is offered to gifted and talented students. Those who take part are required to run activities in local primary schools before receiving the award.
  • KS4 Sports Captains are required to assist throughout the year by running and officiating at sporting events.
  • Students are offered a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and gifted and talented students are encouraged to join these and represent the school. They are also recommended clubs to join for district teams.
  • KS4 students can coach and officiate younger students at clubs and matches.
  • Talented Year 7 students are invited to join an indoor athletics club and a club is also in place for local Years 5/6 primary school students to enable us to identify talent.
  • Students from KES can apply to the Young Coaching Academy for selection.
  • Masterclass workshops give talented, student musicians, dancers and performers the opportunity to recieve coaching and advice from professionals.
  • All gifted and talented students can perform in all of the school productions and concerts which KES presents throughout the year. In the past, music students have performed at Disneyland Paris and the Cliffs Pavilion Awards Evening, and dance and performing arts students have been involved in the school productions, the Senior Citizen Christmas party and the Awards Evening.