Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

In Year 7, students have three lessons a fortnight of French and three lessons of Spanish, studying topics such as family, hobbies, school, and sports, and learning some basic grammar. They also study the culture of the country through songs, short film studies and celebrations.

Currently in Year 8, students choose to study French or Spanish and have five lessons a fortnight. Students continue to develop their grammar knowledge, while studying more new and exciting topics such as food and drink and world countries through the study of an African tale in French, Kirikou, based in Senegal. From September 2018, the department will also introduce Spanish to the Year 9 cohort.

As well as building on previously taught topics and language, students in Year 9, also study a cultural element of France by completing a research-based project of: a French-speaking country, Paris, the Tour de France or a well known French film to enrich their experience of studying a foreign language.

Key Stage 3 students are also able to participate in trips abroad. Students have visited Boulogne and Paris in the past and the department is looking into offering a trip to Spain.