Media Studies

Year 11

GCSE Media Studies students follow the WJEC course. It is comprised of 60% coursework production where students create and analyse their own choice of media product and 40% examination where, for 2018, students will be tested on their knowledge of TV News and News Websites. Aspects include media codes, conventions, representation, technical elements, industries and audiences.

NEW for 2018

The new Media Studies GCSE from Eduqas, which starts in September 2018, involves two exams (worth 70%) and one piece of coursework (worth 30%).

Component 1: Exploring the Media involves the study of different media forms such as film posters, magazine covers, advertisements or newspapers. You will be asked to use media language and analyse how products, news and people are represented. You will also study different media industries such as film, newspapers, video games and radio and be asked to evaluate how they use different methods to appeal to the audiences.

Component 2: Understanding Media Forms and Products involves the study of media theories and contexts of television and music video production. In the exam you will be asked to write about your set products which would be The Sun newspaper, the film Spectre, the video game Pokémon Go and the radio programme The Archers. You would also look at two crime dramas and a range of music videos from the 80s through to the present day to see how the medium has changed and evolved over time.

Component 3: Creating Media Products involves creating your own magazine article, magazine cover or advertisement.

Year 12

The A level Media Studies from Eduqas has just been revamped for 2017 and thus features a number of contemporary topics. During the course students study all of the following media forms: music videos; video games; advertising; newspapers; magazines; film and television. They acquire knowledge and understanding of media language, representation, industry and audiences as well as being able to create and manipulate media forms to suit different briefs.

The course features two examinations, each worth 35% of the final A level. Component 1: Media Products, Industries and Audiences is 2 hours 15 minutes in length, whereas Component 2: Media Forms and Products in Depth is 2 hours and 30 minutes in length. Both examination components assess media language, representation, media industries, audiences and media contexts. The final 30% of the qualification is non-examined assessment: Cross Media Production where students respond to a brief in two different media forms.

Year 13

The outgoing A level Media Studies from WJEC is in its final year. There are four units in total: two for AS and a further two for A2. MS1: Media Representations is an examination unit where students answer questions on a range of media products such as music videos and advertising – this unit is available as a re-sit only for the final time in June 2018. MS2: Production is a coursework unit which has now been completed for the final time. MS3: Internal Assessment is A2 coursework where students design and analyse their own product. MS4: Text, Industries and Audience is the A2 examination where students look at a pre-determined list of media products to prepare for both seen and unseen elements in the exam.