Technology involves the use of a wide range of materials, craft skills, computer skills and equipment in the designing and making of project work. The faculty is large and prides itself on providing skills that will enable students to become more independent. Lessons are created to challenge and interest students in order to help them make decisions when designing and making their projects. Homework is set regularly to enable rapid progress and to support examinations, project work and revision. Students’ progress is tracked by teachers to help focus students on individual targets; this is often linked to homework tasks. Students often gain grades that are higher than the national averages for similar schools in design and technology.

In all year groups, practical tasks are encouraged which support independent learning and help to teach the life skills needed in the world of work. Opportunities for academic and vocational qualifications are offered, which lead students directly into work or further, or higher Education.

The Technology rooms in Product Design, Construction, Hospitality and Food are well resourced and up to date and include laser and vacuum forming technology. These areas are supported by visits to exhibitions and entry into local and national competitions.

The option to choose a design and technology examination course at Key Stage 4 and the Sixth Form is open to all students.

Gifted and Talented Students

Projects and Opportunities on Offer

  • There are opportunities in lessons for gifted and talented students to take projects in different directions with innumerable outcomes.

  • Extra-curricular activities are available on a formal or on-demand basis to reflect student needs.

  • Students can be entered into the Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society (STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) competition with their designs.