Business, ICT and Applied Learning

The Business, ICT and Applied Learning Faculty consists of: Business, Economics, Personal Finance, ICT, Computer Science, Technology, Hairdressing, Health and Social Care, Childcare, Law and Public Services.

The faculty is diverse and the range of courses on offer, prepare students effectively for exams, further study and work. Learning is fun, engaging and relevant to students and they have every opportunity to achieve their very best.

Gifted and Talented Students

Projects and Opportunities on Offer - Business and ICT 

  • KES is currently running a digital ambassador programme at different tiers, involving computer programming. Students create a programme independently and them complete the corresponding challenges on They must be able to create, run and explain the code.
  • Students can independently create a map within the UNREAL engine, showcase work and be able to explain how it works. They must have at least one script running and be able to explain it.